Instructions for Authors

The Coleopterist publishes material about the Coleoptera and Strepsiptera recorded from, or likely to occur in, the British Isles. General articles, news items and letters on subjects of relevance to British and Irish coleopterists are also welcome. Suitable subject areas include: systematics, nomenclature, identification, first country or county records, recording schemes, conservation, ecology, biology, behaviour, sampling and collecting techniques, rearing, specimen preparation, curation, field meeting news, and book reviews.

Material should be typewritten double-spaced with 3 cm margins, on one side only of white A4 or letter sized paper, one copy only, or submitted on DOS-formatted computer diskette in ASCII format and accompanied by a hard copy, or preferably by e-mail. Footnotes should be avoided and pages should be numbered. Only names of species and genera should be underlined. Authority names should be given in full. Illustrations should be in black ink, boldly drawn and scaled to allow for a 50% reduction. They must be originals and not photocopies. The ideal position of figures should be indicated in the text. Every effort will be made to care for original artwork but the Editor cannot be held responsible for their loss or damage. For formatting of references, refer to a recent article in The Coleopterist.

Authors of papers of two or more pages in length will be provided with 20 free reprints (10 per author for papers with two or more joint authors). Please note that main papers received after 1st January 2000 are now automatically refereed.