Biographical Dictionary of British Coleopterists

Michael Darby

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Abbreviations and bibliography

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BENHS: British Entomological and Natural History Society.

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EMM: Entomologistís Monthly Magazine.

Ent.: The Entomologist

Ent. Annual: The Entomologistís Annual

Ent. Rdsch.: Entomologische Rundschau, Stuttgart.

ER: Entomologist's Record.

ERJV: Entomologistís Record and Journal of Variation.

ESL: Entomological Society of London.

FBI: Fauna of British India.

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MD: Michael Darby.

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NMW: National Museum of Wales, Cardiff.

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RESL: Royal Entomological Society of London (Note: also used for the Society before it received its Royal warrant).

RGS: Royal Geographical Society.

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