Biographical Dictionary of British Coleopterists

Michael Darby

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Gave Coleoptera which she had collected in the Punjab, probably c. 1940, to the Zoological Museum at Cambridge. Some are retained in four store boxes and others were put into the general collection in 1945. (MD 6/03)

ILLIDGE, Rowland (1846 - 19 February 1929)

Born in London but lived most of his life in Brisbane, Australia where he died. Appears to have worked mainly on Lepidoptera but did publish notes on other insects including Coleoptera in Proc. R. Soc. Queensland, e.g. 'Notes on the entomology of a tea tree swamp' (15, 1900, 1-3) and 'Miscellanea Entomologica or odd notes on the history and transformations of various insects' (15, 1900, 133-136), and other journals. Gilbert (1977) p. 184 lists four obituaries and other notices. (MD 6/03)


There is a collection of c. 400 beetles (and some scorpions), in two glazed display cases, made by Illingworth in Columbia in the 1850s, in the care of the West Highland Museum, Fort William, Scotland (but not held in the Museum). (MD 6/03)

IMMS, Augustus Daniel (1881 - 3 April 1949)

Distinquished entomologist known particularly for his work on termites and his books General Text Book of Entomology, Recent Advances in Entomology and Insect Natural History. He was born near Birmingham and educated locally before taking degrees at both Birmingham and Cambridge. After completing his education he was appointed first Professor of Biology in the University of Allahabad and later Forest Entomologist to the Indian Government. He returned to England in 1913 as Reader in Agricultural Entomology at the University of Manchester, and was later appointed Chief Entomologist at Rothamsted. In 1931 he was appointed to the new Readership in Entomology at Cambridge where he remained until his retirement in 1945. He was a member of various foreign societies and President and Vice President of the Royal Entomological Society on several occasions.

Imms published odd notes on beetles throughout his life e.g. 'Entomology in Merionethshire' and 'Coleoptera in 1897' (Ent., 30, 1897, pp. 248-249, 271-272, 299), and 'Prionus corarius in Devon' [specimen taken in his garden near Sidmouth] (EMM, 83, 1947, p. 245). Others are listed by V. Wigglesworth in Obit. Not. Fellows. R. Soc. Lond., 6(18), pp. 463-470, which also includes a portrait.

Gimingham (1955) mentions that Imms collected beetles in Hertfordshire.

Apart from the obituary mentioned above which is the fullest, Gilbert (1977) p.184 lists nine others. (MD 6/03)

INCE, Walter

A Doctor. Gave 12 coleoptera and other insects from Trinidad to the NHM in 1898 (1898/138). (MD 6/03)

INCHBALD, Peter (1815? - 13 June 1896)

Well known Yorkshire naturalist who specialised in Diptera. Published one note on Coleoptera 'Ravages of the grub of the Cockchafer' in Zoo., 6, 1848, p. 2555. (MD 6/03)

INGALL, Thomas (1800-1862)

This is presumably the 'Mr Ingall' referred to by Dawson (1854) p. 61. He was employed for many years by the Bank of England and was a keen naturalist with a particular interest in entomology being one of the original members of the Entomological Club and the Entomological Society.

Selected Coleoptera and Lepidoptera from Ingall's collection are in the HDO, purchased from St. Bartholomew's Hospital in 1927. (Smith (1986) p.129), and twelve examples of Cryptocephalus coryli were presented by him to the NHM in 1857 (1857-23).

A typescript titled The Irregular Diary of an Entomologist, 1832-1860, being a copy by his son W.T.F.M. Ingall, is in the NHM (Harvey, et al. (1996) pp. 108-09. This formed the basis of a biographical article by Richard South in Ent., 28, 1895, pp. 40-45. The Museum also has three letters from W.T.F.M. Ingall to South concerning the diary. (MD 6/03)

INGALL, William

Published 'Scent of Cicindela campestris' in Zoo., 22, 1864, p. 9077. Is this, perhaps, the son of Thomas Ingall, see above? (MD 6/03)


Gave Copris and other insects to the NHM in 1844 (1844/15). (MD 6/03)

INGPEN, Abel (20 May 1796 - 14 September 1854)

Author of the well known Instructions for Collecting, Rearing and Preserving British and Foreign Insects..., 1827, 1839, 1843, 1849, and also of the Entomologists Guide, 1824, 1839. The 1827 edition of the Instructions includes a list of 100 or so Coleoptera as new to the British list, thus pre-dating their appearance in Stephens (1828 and later).

Ingall's shorter publications included one concerning beetles 'Notes upon the economy of Brachinus crepitans and Sirex duplex' in Proc. ESL, 1839, p. 82.

There are various references in Stephens (1828) e.g. '20 April 1827. My friend Mr Ingpen has this day shown me a second specimen of C[incidela] riparia captured near Manchester' (p.10).

Ingpen presented an example of a Paussus from Adelaide, Australia to the NHM in 1849 (1849/31).

He died in Chelsea. Gilbert (1977) p. 185 mentions two obituaries: Proc. ESL, 3, 1854, pp. 50-51 (by E. Newman) and Proc. Linn. Soc. Lond., 2, 1855, p. 425-26, which I have not seen. (MD 6/03)

INGRAM, T. Lewis

Gave 4 examples of Paussus from W. Africa to the NHM in 1865 (1865/43). (MD 6/03)


Mentioned by Arrow (1917), as collecting specimens in Bengal. (MD 6/03)


Published 'Additions to the Coleoptera of the Land's End District' in Trans. Penzance Nat. Hist. Soc., 3, 1888-92, pp. 247-250. There are specimens in the general collection at Doncaster labelled 'ex Isabell coll Armytage' which perhaps refer to this Isabell. (MD 6/03)


Fowler (1912) records that he collected Paussidae at Goalpara in Assam. (MD 6/03)

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