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The only post-1970 record of Dromius quadrisignatus [RDB1] (Carabidae) from the British Isles is from Middlesex.

The tiny introduced scarabaeid Saprosites mendax (Scarabaeidae), native to Australia, occurs at Queen's and Highgate Woods in Haringey.

The epilachnine ladybird Henosepilachna argus (Coccinellidae), recently added to the British List, has been found at Kempton Park, Bushy Park, Staines, Sunbury and Twickenham, and is presumably widespread in southwest Middlesex. The species is associated with White Bryony Bryonia dioica.

Another adventive species, the blind subterranean weevil Raymondionymus marqueti (Raymondionymidae) has been recorded from Waterlow Park, Highgate, but is probably widespread in parks and gardens across London, where it gets transported with potted plants.

County recorders
Carabidae and Coccinellidae
: , 49 Endowood Road, Millhouses, Sheffield, Yorkshire S7 2LY
Buprestidae and Scarabaeidae: , 8 Bryanstone Road, Crouch End, London N8 8TN
All other families: , 47 Tynemouth Street, London SW6 2QS