The quickest way to contact coleopterists is via the Beetles of the British Isles newsgroup. Number of members is now: 247

By joining the newsgroup you can:

  • Ask advice about finding beetles, collecting or curation techniques, etc.
  • Seek help with a difficult identification
  • Report a new discovery
  • Invite records for your area, county or national recording scheme
  • Start a lively discussion on any subject -- so long as it's to do with beetles!

The newsgroup is only accessible by its members. Messages are unmoderated, but members adhere to a few simple rules including one which forbids the posting of notices of insects for sale or wanted, or other commercial advertising. The service is paid for by means of discreet adverts, added by the Yahoo! service provider, at the foot of each message.

The Beetles of the British Isles newsgroup now operates a closed membership system in order to prevent commercial spammers from joining. To join the newsgroup, send an e-mail to the newsgroup manager Derek Lott () or Andrew Duff (), indicating briefly why you wish to join. Once your membership has been added you will be e-mailed copies of all messages that are sent to the newsgroup. All you have to do to send a message is put in the To: field of your e-mail. To leave the newsgroup, simply send a blank e-mail to .

You can view previous messages at the Yahoo! groups web site, provided you have set up a unique Yahoo! user name and password. Once you are a registered Yahoo! user, you can access the newsgroup's web pages, including previous messages and documents or images uploaded to the files repository. From the web site, you can also edit your membership details, for example to turn off the receipt of individual e-mails if you wish to view messages only on the web site.

If you have any further questions about the newsgroup, please e-mail the .

Last updated: 08 August 2003