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Ross & Cromarty

The boreal leaf beetle Phyllodecta polaris [RDB3] (Chrysomelidae) is found on mountain sides in the county, where it is associated with Dwarf Willow Salix herbacea and possibly other montane willows. Adults should be sought from May to September. The species is otherwise known only from Sutherland in the British Isles.

Great luck would be needed to find the weevil Otiorhynchus auropunctatus [RDB1] (Curculionidae), which is restricted to this county in the British Isles and should be sought in moss and at plant roots on Stac Polly, and probably on neighbouring peaks, in mid-summer.

In the British Isles two species of weevil are confined to the Outer Hebrides. Ceutorhynchus cakilis [RDBK] (Curculionidae) is a littoral species so far only recorded from North Uist. It occurs mainly on Sea Rocket Cakile maritima and should be looked for in July. Ceutorhynchus insularis [RDB1] (Curculionidae) is known only from the remote island of St Kilda, where it occurs on Common Scurvygrass Cochlearia officinalis. The species is otherwise only known from a few islands off the south coast of Iceland.

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