Subscription Rates for 2003

The following rates apply from Vol. 12 (2003) onwards. The domestic price applies to shipments within the UK.

  Domestic Price   Gross       Net    inclusive of postage

Individual              8.00    8.00
Corporate            12.00  12.00

Foreign Price     Gross       Net    inclusive of postage (surface mail)

Individual              9.00    9.00
Corporate            12.00  12.00 

All journals will be sent to foreign countries by surface mail at printed paper rates.

Payment should be in Sterling, by cheque or money order payable to 'The Coleopterist', and sent to the Hon. Treasurer at this address:

The Coleopterist (w), , 8 Harvard Road, Ringmer, Lewes, East Sussex BN8 5HJ United Kingdom

Cash in Sterling may be sent but no responsibility for loss will be accepted by The Coleopterist.