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1 Bembidion coeruleum Serville (Carabidae) new to Britain and other notable carabid records from Dungeness, Kent   M. G. Telfer
4 Henosepilachna argus (Geoffroy) (Coccinellidae) in Middlesex  D. A. Prance
5 The status of the Lily Beetle Lilioceris lilii (Scopoli, 1763) in Britain (Chrysomelidae: Criocerinae)  M. L. Cox
21 Geotrupes stercorosus (Scriba) (Geotrupidae) swarming in Cumbria  J. Denton
21 Agrilus sulcicollis Lacordaire (Buprestidae) in Bedfordshire  A. P. Foster
22 Myrmecocephalus (formerly Falagria) concinna (Erichson) (Staphylinidae) common in bracket fungus in South Essex  R. A. Jones
23 Athous campyloides (Elateridae) widespread in urban South London, and a note on its spread in England  R. A. Jones
24 Eutheia plicata Gyllenhal (Scydmaenidae) rediscovered in the New Forest, Hampshire  R. C. Welch
26 Dacne bipustulata (Thunberg) (Erotylidae) on an ornamental street tree in London  J. R. Dobson
27 Confirmation of Rock Samphire Crithmum maritimum L. as a larval foodplant of the weevil Hypera pollux (Fabricius) (Curculionidae) in Britain  A. P. Fowles & M. J. Hammett
28 A tribute to Don Goddard (1947-2000)  K. Alexander & D. Lott
29 Review. "A World Catalogue of Families and Genera of Curculionoidea (Insecta: Coleoptera) (Excepting Scolytidae and Platypodidae)" by M.A. Alonso-Zarazaga & C.H.C. Lyal  M. G. Morris
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33 Taxonomic notes on British Ophonus Dejean (Carabidae)  M. G. Telfer
37 The identity of Trixagus elateroides (Throscidae) of British authors  A. A. Allen
38 A previously undescribed defence mechanism in the larval Glow-worm Lampyris noctiluca (Linnaeus) (Lampyridae)?  J. Tyler
39 Ophonus subsinuatus Rey (Carabidae) new to Britain, with a discussion of its status  M. G. Telfer
44 Aegialia (Rhysothorax) rufa (Fabricius) (Scarabaeidae: Aegialiinae) in Britain  D. J. Mann & A. Ramsay
46 Eulagius filicornis (Reitter) (Mycetophagidae) and other saproxylic beetles from the Maidenhead Thicket area, Berkshire  A. P. Foster
47 Stenolophus mixtus (Herbst) (Carabidae) new to Scotland  S. Blake
47 Pycnota paradoxa Mulsant & Rey (Staphylinidae) in a vole's nest  S. A. Williams
48 The Australian fern weevil Syagrius intrudens Waterhouse (Curculionidae) confirmed on Guernsey  R. T. Thompson & A. Howell
49 Ceutorhynchus hirtulus Germar (Curculionidae) in Norfolk  A. Dixon
50 An infestation of Podagrica fuscicornis (Linnaeus) (Chrysomelidae) on cultivated Malvaceae  J. R. Dobson
51 Additional records of Glocianus moelleri (Thomson) (Curculionidae) from North Hampshire and Surrey  J. Denton
51 A belated record of Medon castaneus (Gravenhorst) (Staphylinidae) from Lincolnshire  J. Denton
52 Pyrochroa coccinea (Linnaeus, 1761) (Pyrochroidae) in Surrey  J. Denton
53 Rare and uncommon Coleoptera in England and Wales, 2000  J. Denton
55 Lomechusa paradoxa Gravenhorst, 1806 (Staphylinidae) rediscovered in Somerset after 140 years  D. Gibbs
56 Badister meridionalis (Goeze) and Amara strenua Zimmermann (Carabidae) in East Sussex  P. J. Hodge
57 Bruchidius varius (Olivier, 1795) (Chrysomelidae: Bruchinae) new to Oxfordshire  M. V. L. Barclay & J. W. Ismay
57 Two recent records of Acupalpus dorsalis (Fabricius) (Carabidae) in southwest Scotland  S. Blake
58 Onthophagus taurus (Schreber) (Scarabaeidae) again found in the New Forest after a century and a half  A. A. Allen
58 Ilybius guttiger (Gyllenhal, 1808) (Dytiscidae) new to Hertfordshire  S. Warrington
59 A recent Irish record of Siagonium quadricorne Kirby (Staphylinidae)  R. Anderson
59 Otiorhynchus crataegi Germar (Curculionidae) in Abingdon, Berkshire (VC 22)  D. J. Mann & J. W. Ismay
61 Cionus scrophulariae (Linnaeus) (Curculionidae) on the garden ornamental flower Cape Figwort Phygelius aequalis (Scrophulariaceae)  I. McClenaghan
62 Review. "Moccas: an English deer park. The history, wildlife and management of the first parkland National Nature Reserve" edited by Paul T. Harding & Tom Wall  K. N. A. Alexander
63 Review. "Ground Beetles" by Trevor G. Forsythe  A. J. W. Allen
63 Review. "Les Buprestides de France" Vol. 1 by L. Schaefer; Vol. 2 by J. Forel & J. Leplat  A. J. W. Allen
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65 Editorial  A. G. Duff
66 Platyderus ruficollis (Marsham) (Carabidae) in Scotland  G. Corbet
66 Abdera flexuosa (Paykull) (Melandryidae) and Soronia grisea (Linnaeus) (Nitidulidae) in Cornwall  K. N. A. Alexander
67 A statistical summary of the new checklist of Staphylinidae of the British Isles  D. A. Lott
73 Lomechusa paradoxa Gravenhorst (Staphylinidae) new to Dorset  A. J. Allen
74 Epierus comptus (Erichson) (Histeridae) discovered in the New Forest, Hampshire  A. B. Drane & D. A. Lott
75 A description of a possible defensive organ in the larva of the European Glow-worm Lampyris noctiluca (Linnaeus) (Lampyridae)  J. Tyler & E. Trice
79 The saproxylic Coleoptera of Thursley Common NNR, Surrey  J. Denton
85 An important wood decay fauna from the Mottisfont Abbey Estate, south Hampshire  K. N. A. Alexander
87 The claims of Caulophilus oryzae (Gyllenhal) to be considered a British insect (Curculionidae, Cossoninae)  M. G. Morris & J. C. Ostojá-Starzewski
91 Another Herefordshire locality for Ixapion variegatum (Wencker) (Apionidae)  A. B. Drane
92 Stag Beetle Lucanus cervus (Linnaeus) (Lucanidae) discovered at two Northamptonshire sites  A. B. Drane
92 Correction  M. G. Morris
93 Gyrophaena poweri Crotch (Staphylinidae) new to Scotland from Rum National Nature Reserve  R. C. Welch
94 Review. "Totholzkäfer in Naturwaldzellen des nördlichen Rheinlandes. Vergleichende Studien zur Totholzkäferfauna Deutschlands und deutschen Naturwaldforschung. [Deadwood beetles in natural forest reserves of northern Rhineland. Comparative studies on the deadwood beetle fauna of Germany and German natural forest research]" by F. Köhler and "Insects and Forests: the role and diversity of insects in the forest environment" by R. Dajoz  S. Grove
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