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1 Editorial
2 The discovery of Lixus scabricollis Bohe. (Curculionidae) in Britain  N. F. Heal
3 Tetrops starkii Chevrolat (Cerambycidae) new to Britain  T. D. Harrison
4 Metoecus paradoxus (L.) (Rhiphoridae) - more parts to the puzzle  M. P. T. Gillett
5 High-altitude Meloe with presumed high-altitude host  J. A. Owen
6 Troglops cephalotes (Olivier) (Melyridae) in Suffolk  M. Collier
6 Field meeting
7 Rare and notable beetles from Cardiganshire (VC46) new to Wales  A. P. Fowles & D. C. Boyce
15 Review. "A preliminary study of the weevil genus Euophryum Broun (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Cossoninae)" by R.T. Thompson  M. Collier
16 Laurel bottles  E. G. Philp
17 Initiative for Scottish Insects  G. E. Rotheray
18 Progress report on the Bruchidae/Chrysomelidae Recording Scheme  M. L. Cox
24 Coccinellidae recording schemes  M. E. N. Majerus
27 In the journals  M. J. Collier
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1 Atheta (s.str) heymesi Hubenthal (Staphylinidae) new to Britain  R. M. Lyszkowski
2 Atheta (A.) heymesi Hubenthal (Staphylinidae) in Ayrshire  M. Sinclair
2 Agabus wasastjernae (Dytiscidae) Sahlberg new to Scotland  J. A. Owen, R. M. Lyszkowski, R. Proctor & S. Taylor
3 Lathrobium fennicum Renkonen (Staphylinidae) in East Sussex - the first record for the British mainland  P. J. Hodge
4 Rhagium bifasciatum (F.) v. mediofasciatum Pic (Cerambycidae): a misnomer  R. R. Uhthoff-Kaufmann.
4 Leiodes strigipenne Daffner (Leiodidae) in Britain  J. Cooter
4 Anobium inexspectatum Lohse (Anobiidae) in Cumberland  P. J. Hodge
5 Limoniscus violaceus (Elateridae) Müller at Bredon Hill N.N.R., Worcestershire H. Mendel
6 Saproxylic Coleoptera from Fraxinus in Worcestershire, including the re-discovery in Britain of Cryptophagus intermedius Bruce (Cryptophagidae)  C. Johnson
9 The dead-wood beetles of Attingham Park  D. Lott & K. Alexander
17 Identifying Othius melanocephalus (Grav.) (Staphylinidae)  J. A. Owen
17 Metoecus paradoxus (L.) (Rhipiphoridae) - a further note  E. Ives
18 Meloe violaceus Marsham (Meloidae)  E. J. Smith
18 Uleiota planata (L.) (Cucujidae) in N.E. Essex  D. R. Nash
19 A new hostplant of Chrysolina polita (Linnaeus) (Chrysomelidae)  R. W. J. Read
20 Quedius nigrocaeruleus Fauvel (Staphylinidae) from birds' nests and other unusual habitats  R. C. Welch
21 Subscribers notice
22 On the tibial band character of Phytobius quadrituberculatus (Fabricius) (Curculionidae)  M. Sinclair
22 Catching beetles with a simple flight-interception trap  J. A. Owen
26 In the journals  M. J. Collier
27 New Bark Beetle Recording Scheme (Scolytidae & Platypodidae)  T. Winter
28 Liparthrum mandibulare Wollaston (Scolytidae) in Guernsey  T. Winter
29 From rarity to pest?  T. Winter
31 Coleoptera Field Meeting, 1993. South Cumbria / North Lancashire  R. Key
32 Review.  "A catalogue of the historic and recent collections of Tiger Beetles (Coleoptera: Cicindelidae) in the National Musuem of Wales" by A.H. Kirk-Spriggs & J. Wiesner and "A catalogue of British Hydraenidae (Coleoptera) in the National Museum of Wales" by A.H. Kirk-Spriggs & G.N. Foster  D. R. Nash
32 Latest news
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1 Editorial
1 Maximize your collecting: nests can give fleas as well as beetles  R. S. George
2 Bembidion octomaculatum (Goeze) (Carabidae) rediscovered in Britain  R. A. Jones
5 A second British locality for Rhinoncus albicinctus Gyll. (Curculionidae)  P. J. Hodge
6 A little bit of beetling history - two letters about beetle collecting from J.F. Dawson (1802-1870) to J.T. Syme (1822-1888)  R. S. Key
11 Review. "A review of the scarce and threatened Coleoptera of Great Britain. Part 1" by P.S. Hyman (revised and updated by M.S. Parsons)  P. Skidmore
13 Two further cases of interspecific copulation  R. S. Key
14 A plea for help with a flora of Laboulbeniales (Fungi: Ascomycotina) for Great Britain and Ireland  A. Weir
16 Using dilute acetic acid for temporary storage  R. G. Booth
18 Subscriber's notice
19 Observations on Procas granulicollis Walton (Curculionidae)  A. P. Fowles
21 The Cantharoidea and Buprestoidea Recording Scheme  K. N. A. Alexander
26 Distribution of the Wharf-borer, Nacerdes melanura L. (Oedemeridae)  A. J. Pitman
27 Swimming in Phaedon cochleariae (F.) (Chrysomelidae)  R. W. J. Read
28 Kent Coleopterists Group  N. F. Heal
29 Journal contents  M. J. Collier