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1 An annotated list of recent additions and deletions affecting the recorded beetle fauna of the British Isles  J. Owen
18 Agriotes pallidulus (Illiger) new to Ireland  H. Mendel
18 Trichiusa immigrata Lohse (Staphylinidae) - first record for Britain  N. F. Heal
19 Thryogenes fiorii Zumpt, 1928 (Curculionidae) new to Britain  R. G. Booth
20 Ischnoglossa obscura Wunderle, new to Britain  D. Lott
20 Two changes to the British List of Staphylinidae [Stenus glabellus new to Ireland, Aloconota planifrons correct name for misidentified A. debilicornis sensu auctt. Brit.]  D. Lott
23 Sitona puberulus Reitter (Curculionidae) in Kent  N. F. Heal
23 Sitona puberulus Reitter (Curculionidae) in East Sussex  P. J. Hodge
24 Sitona puberulus Reitter (Curculionidae) in Cornwall  R. G. Booth
25 Sitona puberulus Reitter (Curculionidae) in Ireland  M. G. Morris
26 A further British record of Troglops cephalotes (Olivier) (Melyridae)  D. C. Twinn
27 The status of Cicones undata Guérin (Colydiidae) in Britain  T. D. Harrison
28 The Cruttwell beetle collection at Peterborough Museum  J. & M. Beeson
29 Dyschirius angustatus (Ahrens) (Carabidae) and other Coleoptera from the Wampool Estuary, Kirkbride, Cumbria  R. S. Key
30 Subscriber's notices
31 Kent Coleopterists' Meeting
31 Review. "A Provisional Atlas of the Chrysomelid Beetles of Warwickshire (Insecta: Coleoptera: 6441)" by S. Lane  R. W. J. Read
32 Journal contents  M.J. Collier
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33 Epiphanis cornutus Esch. (Eucnemidae), an 'ancient Briton' revived?  A. A. Allen
34 Bruchela rufipes (Olivier) (Anthribidae) in the north of England  P. Kendall
35 Trachyphloeus angustisetulus Hansen and T. bifoveolatus (Beck) (Curculionidae) in Britain  T. D. Harrison
36 The identification of British Ischnomera Stephens (Oedemeridae)  H. Mendel
37 Initiative for Scottish Insects - Coleoptera Section  M. Sinclair
40 Chrysolina varians (Schaller) (Chrysomelidae) new to the Outer Hebrides  M. G. Telfer
41 Typhaeus typhoeus (L.) (Geotrupidae) on the Isle of Arran  G. A. Mackenzie
41 A record of Elodes pseudominuta Klausnitzer (Scirtidae) in southern Scotland  M. Sinclair
42 Ernobius nigrinus (Sturm) (Anobiidae) in England - some unpublished records  R. J. Marsh
42 Observations from an Irish mountain summit  K. N. A. Alexander
44 Anisodactylus nemorivagus (Duftschmid) (Carabidae), new to Ireland  H. Mendel
45 Aclypea opaca (Linnaeus) (Silphidae) at Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire and Lowdales, North-east Yorkshire  R. S. Key
46 The longhorns (Cerambycidae) of Wales  R. R. Uhthoff-Kaufmann
48 Notes on the occurrence of Lomechusa emarginata (Paykull) (Staphylinidae) in mid-Wales  D. C. Boyce
49 Coleoptera recording in Lincolnshire - vice-counties 53 and 54 - a history and the current position  R. S. Key
53 Record of Apion carduorum Kirby (lacertense Tottenham) (Apionidae) from Lincolnshire  R. W. J. Read
54 Nebria livida (L.) (Carabidae) at an inland site in East Yorkshire  B. Constantine
56 Swarming in Staphylinidae  M. J. Morgan
56 The site of stridulation in Geotrupes (Geotrupidae): an unsolved problem?  A. A. Allen
57 A new relaxing fluid?  H. Mendel
58 Subscriber's notices
58 'Beetles for Beginners' workshop, Dinton Pastures, Reading, 2nd October 1993 10.30-16.30
59 A plea for specimens of Psylliodes cuprea (Koch), P. chrysocephala (L.) (Chrysomelidae) and Ceutorhynchus contractus (Marsham) (Curculionidae) to compare with specimens from Lundy Island  R. S. Key
60 Reviews. "Coléoptères Scarabaeoidea d'Europe" by J. Baraud and "A critical review of the weevils (Coleoptera, Curculionoidea) of Ireland and their distribution" by M.G. Morris  M. Collier
61 Review of selected papers in the Irish Naturalists' Journal Vol. 24 (1992)  M. J. Collier
62 Journal contents  M. J. Collier
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65 Ischnoglossa turcica Wunderle (Staphylinidae) new to Britain  J. Owen
65 More on Trachyphloeus angustisetulus Hansen and T. bifoveolatus (Beck) (Curculionidae)  A. A. Allen
67 Corrections to: an annotated list of recent additions and deletions affecting the recorded beetle fauna of the British Isles  J. A. Owen
68 Rhynchaenus erythropus (Germar) (Curculionidae) not (yet) British  R. T. Thompson
70 Apteropeda splendida Allard (Chrysomelidae) new to Ireland  H. Mendel
70 Further records of Tachyerges (=Rhynchaenus) pseudostigma (Tempère) (Curculionidae) in Britain  H. Mendel
71 Coleoptera associated with two introduced species of southern beech: part 1 - saproxylic species  R. C. Welch
79 Stenopelmus rufinasus Gyllenhal (Curculionidae) on a car roof  A. G. Duff
80 Carcinops pumilio (Erichson) (Histeridae), an uninvited dinner guest  A. G. Duff
81 Some post-1970 Scottish records of Aclypea opaca (L.) (Silphidae)  M. Sinclair
82 Interspecific copulation in Coleoptera - a further record in the Chrysomelidae  M. P. T. Gillett
82 A review of the superfamilies Dermestoidea and Bostrichoidea, and a plea for records  B. Constantine
85 Further information on the first Irish record of Agriotes pallidulus (Illiger) (Elateridae)  H. Mendel
86 A not so new relaxing fluid!  H. Mendel
86 Subscriber's notices
87 Review. "Provisional atlas of the Cryptophagidae-Atomariinae (Coleoptera) of Britain and Ireland" by C. Johnson  D. R. Nash
88 Obituary. Donald Tozer  D. A. Lott
89 Journal contents  M. J. Collier