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1 Editorial
2 A note on specimen labels  A. H. Kirk-Spriggs
2 Swarming of Pyrochroa serraticornis (Scopoli) (Pyrochroidae) on an elm stump  B. Constantine
3 Changes to the British List published in 1994  D. A. Lott
6 On the genus of Hypomedon debilicornis (Wollaston) (Staphylinidae)  A. G. Duff
6 Review. "Ground Beetles in the Yorkshire Museum" by M. Denton  A. G. Duff
7 Coleoptera associated with two introduced species of southern beech. Part 2 - phytophagous species  R. C. Welch
14 Pogonocherus fasciculatus (Degeer) (Cerambycidae) in Surrey  J. S. Denton
14 Recent records of scarce Donacia Fabricius species (Chrysomelidae) in Surrey.  J. S. Denton
14 Trichiusa immigrata Lohse (Staphylinidae) in Leicestershire.  D. A. Lott
15 Saproxylic Coleoptera from southern beech: additions and corrections.  R. C. Welch
16 Subscribers' notices
17 Breeding habitat and biogeography of Triplax russica (Linnaeus) (Erotylidae) in Britain  K. N. A. Alexander
19 Hylesinus orni Fuchs (Scolytidae) not a synonym of H. varius (Fabricius).  A. A. Allen
20 Another Anthaxia Eschscholtz (Buprestidae) enigma  A. A. Allen
21 Recent advances in the higher systematics of Curculionoidea, as they affect the British fauna  M. G. Morris
31 County and regional recorders
32 Literature notices
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33 Identification of the Oulema 'melanopus' species group (Chrysomelidae)  M. L. Cox
37 Recent changes in the classification of the British Nitiduloidea  J. Cooter
39 Chlorophorius varius (Müller) (Cerambycidae) imported to Britain  L. W. Hardwick
41 A history of Pyrrhidium sanguineum (Linnaeus) (Cerambycidae) in Britain  R. R. Uhthoff-Kaufmann
46 Cerambyx cerdo Linnaeus (Cerambycidae) in the New Forest, Hampshire  A. A. Allen
47 The dead-wood beetles of Donington Park, Leicestershire  D. A. Lott
54 Haliplus mucronatus Stephens (Haliplidae) in Sussex  P. J. Hodge
55 A note on Acalles misellus Boheman (Curculionidae)  M. G. Morris
56 A recent record of Harpalus dimidiatus (Rossi) (Carabidae) from Sussex G. W. Danahar & A. J. A. Stewart
57 Rugilus subtilis (Erichson) (Staphylinidae) in Sussex  P. J. Hodge
57 Field meeting
58 Opatrum sabulosum (Linnaeus) (Tenebrionidae) in East Sussex  P. J. Hodge
58 Subscribers' notices
59 Agrilus sinuatus Olivier (Buprestidae) widespread in London  D. S. Hackett
60 Further thoughts on Anthaxia Eschscholtz (Buprestidae) in Britain  B. Levey
61 Conservation news  R. S. Key
63 Review. "Fauna d'Italia Coleoptera: Nitidulidae - Kateretidae" by P. Audisio  J. Cooter
64 Literature notices
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65 Eulagius filicornis (Reitter) (Mycetophagidae) apparently established in Britain  T. D. Harrison
68 Notes on the Coleoptera of running-water habitats in Surrey and North Hampshire, including several new county records  J. S. Denton
69 An evaluation of live-trapping for water beetles in heathland ponds  J. S. Denton
73 Beetles from pitfall traps in Leicestershire grasslands  D. A. Lott & J. Daws
77 Bibloporus minutus Raffray (Pselaphidae) confirmed as a Gloucestershire species  K. N. A. Alexander
78 Extensions to the northern ranges of Leistus rufomarginatus (Duftschmid) and Trechus rivularis (Gyllenhal) (Carabidae)  M. L. Luff
79 Malthodes fibulatus Kiesenwetter (Cantharidae) new to Dorset  K. N. A. Alexander
80 Harpalus obscurus (Fabricius) (Carabidae) in Rutland  I. T. Phillips & I. M. Evans
81 Conopalpus testaceus (Olivier) (Melandryidae) new to Somerset  A. P. Foster & A. J. Parsons
81 Melanophthalma distinguenda (Comolli) (Lathridiidae) in Somerset  A. J. Parsons
82 Some records of notable weevils (Curculionoidea) from the vicinity of Woolmer Forest, North Hampshire  J. S. Denton
83 Globicornis nigripes (Fabricius) (Dermestidae) in Worcestershire  A. P. Foster
84 Orthochaetes insignis (Aubé) (Curculionidae) in West Cumbria  R. W. J. Read
84 Phaedon tumidulus (Germar) (Chrysomelidae) reared from Giant Hogweed  M. Greenwood
85 Two click beetles (Elateroidea) new to Norfolk [Ampedus quercicola and Aulonothroscus brevicollis], from a site with an outstanding saproxylic fauna  M. Collier
86 Gastrallus immarginatus (Müller, P.W.J.) (Anobiidae); a second British locality  H. Mendel
87 Late summer emergence of Agonum lugens (Duftschmid) (Carabidae) in the Burren, Ireland  R. Anderson
88 Phosphaenus hemipterus (Goeze) (Lampyridae) rediscovered in England, in Surrey  J. S. Denton
89 Recent records of scarce Coleoptera from the Dorset coast  J. S. Denton
90 The dead-wood beetles of Stourhead, including Thymalus limbatus (Fabricius) (Peltidae) new to Wiltshire  K. N. A. Alexander
91 Pseudocistela ceramboides (Linnaeus) (Tenebrionidae) and other scarce saproxylic Coleoptera in Gloucestershire  A. P. Foster
91 Field meeting
92 Chlorophorus varius (Müller) (Cerambycidae) in Scotland  G. N. Foster
92 Subscribers' notices
93 Review. "Leicestershire Red Data Books: Beetles" by D. Lott  R. S. Key
94 Review. "Adults and larvae of hide, larder and carpet beetles and their relatives ... and of derodontid beetles ..." by E. R. Peacock  B. Constantine
96 Literature notices