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1 The British species of the genus Aleochara Gravenhorst (Staphylinidae)  R. C. Welch
46 Diaperis boleti Linnaeus (Tenebrionidae) widespread on the Sandlings Heaths of East Suffolk  K. N. A. Alexander & M. Edwards
47 Tachys walkerianus Sharp (Carabidae): a patio beetle?  S. A. Williams
47 Field meeting
48 Literature notices
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49 Stephostethus alternans (Mannerheim) (Latridiidae), a species new to Britain  B. Levey
51 Record of Amara praetermissa (Sahlberg) (Carabidae) from West Cumbria  R. W. J. Read
52 Cassida denticollis Suffrian (Chrysomelidae) in Sussex  P. J. Hodge
53 Revision of Bullock's Irish Clambidae, with two species new to Ireland [Clambus evae and C. pallidulusC. Johnson
55 Abraeus granulum Erichson (Histeridae), new to Yorkshire  J. D. Coldwell
55 Correction
56 Agrilus sinuatus (Olivier) (Buprestidae) widespread in Shropshire  K. N. A. Alexander
56 Cantharis paludosa FallÚn (Cantharidae) in Somerset  K. N. A. Alexander
57 Some recent checklists and catalogues of European Coleoptera, with particular reference to Curculionoidea  M. G. Morris
61 The Saproxylic Quality Index: an evaluation of dead wood habitats based on rarity scores, with examples from Wales  A. P. Fowles
66 A second site for Hypomedon debilicornis (Wollaston) (Staphylinidae) in Britain  T. D. Harrison
67 A two-headed larva of the Glow-worm Lampyris noctiluca Linnaeus (Lampyridae)  J. Tyler
68 Recent records of notable Coleoptera on heathland  J. S. Denton
70 Recent records of notable Coleoptera in England and Wales  J. S. Denton
71 Ceutorhyncus pervicax Weise (Curculionidae) in North Hampshire  T. D. Harrison
72 Notes on Rhynchaenus calceatus (Germar) (Curculionidae) in Ireland  M. G. Morris & J. A. Owen
73 Cantharis obscura Linnaeus (Cantharidae) new to Kirkcudbrightshire  K. N. A. Alexander
74 A second locality for Cryptophagus falcozi Roubal (Cryptophagidae) in Britain  T. D. Harrison
75 Some minor Scottish beetle swarms  M. Sinclair
76 Harpalus honestus (Duftschmid) (Carabidae) discovered in Cumbria  M. L. Luff, R. W. J. Read & D. Copestake
77 Mordellistena humeralis (Linnaeus) in Somerset - a correction to M. variegata (Fabricius) (Mordellidae)  A. P. Foster
78 Review. "Ladybirds" by M.E.N. Majerus  R. G. Booth
79 Subscribers' notices
80 Literature notices
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81 Philonthus spinipes Sharp (Staphylinidae) in Dorset - new to Britain  A. J. Allen & J. A. Owen
84 Three beetles new to Cumberland [Phratora laticollis, Rhynchites aequatus and Gronops lunatusR. W. J. Read
85 Chaetocnema picipes Stephens (Chrysomelidae: Alticinae) in Britain  R. G. Booth & J.A. Owen
89 Total immersion: an anomalous occasional resting habit of certain Elateridae  A. A. Allen
90 Furcipus rectirostris (Linnaeus) (Curculionidae) in southern Scotland  M. Sinclair
90 Anthrenus fuscus Olivier (Dermestidae) in Perthshire  S. Blake
91 Notes on the nomenclature of some British weevils (Curculionoidea)  M. G. Morris & R. G. Booth
99 Pocadius adustus Reitter (Nitidulidae) confirmed as a Gloucestershire species  K. N. A. Alexander
100 A few recent Scottish records  M. Sinclair
101 Carcinops pumilio (Erichson) (Histeridae) in West Lothian  C. Sullivan
102 Batrisodes adnexus (Hampe) (Pselaphidae) in Leicestershire  D. A. Lott
103 Oligella intermedia Besuchet (Ptiliidae) in Leicestershire  D. A. Lott
104 Some additions and corrections to the list of Orkney beetles  M. Sinclair
105 A pupation site for Mycetophagus atomarius (Fabricius) (Mycetophagidae)  D. A. Lott
105 Agrilus sinuatus (Olivier) (Buprestidae) new to Somerset  A. G. Duff
106 Chlaenius tristis (Schaller) (Carabidae): a thriving colony in North Wales  P. J. Hodge
108 Rosalia alpina (Linnaeus) (Cerambycidae) in Hampshire  K. Halstead
108 Diaperis boleti (Linnaeus) (Tenebrionidae) in Norfolk  J. Denton
109 Foodplants of Cryptocephalus fulvus Goeze (Chrysomelidae)  A. A. Allen
109 An English beetle swarm  L. Auckland
110 Review. "Klucze do oznaczania owadow Polski [Keys for the Identification of Polish Insects] Coleoptera, part 42. Ptinidae" by J. Borowski  J. Cooter
110 Book notices. "A Provisional Atlas of the Longhorn Beetls of Warwickshire (Insecta: Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)" and "A Provisional Atlas of the Jewel Beetles, Soldire Beetles, Glow-worms & Net-winged Beetles of Warwickshire (Insecta: Coleoptera: Buprestidae: Cantharidae: Lampyridae: Lycidae)" by S. Lane. "Provisional Atlas of the Click Beetles (Coleoptera: Elateroidea) of Britain and Ireland" by H. Mendel & R.E. Clarke
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112 Literature notices