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1 Phloeosinus aubei (Perris) (Scolytidae) in Surrey, the first record of this bark beetle breeding in Britain  T. Winter
3 Changes to the British List published in 1996 and 1997  D. Lott
5 Unusual abundance of Lagria hirta (Linnaeus) (Tenebrionidae) in north-east Essex  J. Bowdrey
6 A further Essex record of Troglops cephalotes (Olivier) (Melyridae)  D. Twinn
6 Atheta hybrida (Sharp) (Staphylinidae) in Hampshire  J. Denton
7 History of Cryptocephalus exiguus Schneider (Chrysomelidae) in Britain  H. Mendel
11 Increased abundance and spread of Aphthona euphorbiae (Schrank) and Longitarsus parvulus (Paykull) (Chrysomelidae) in Oxfordshire  M. Cox & J. Campbell
15 Aromia moschata (Linnaeus) (Cerambycidae) in Nottinghamshire  A. Dutton
15 Deleaster dichrous (Gravenhorst) (Staphylinidae) new to Arran  A. Ramsay
16 A specimen of Ergates faber (Linnaeus) (Cerambycidae: Prioninae) in Kent K. Lewis
17 Rugilus geniculatus (Erichson) and Stenus subdepressus Mulsant & Rey (Staphylinidae) in Surrey  J. Denton
17 Lebia cyanocephala (Linnaeus) (Carabidae) rediscovered, in Surrey  J. Denton
18 Athous campyloides Newman (Elateridae) in Wales, and other species of interest  D. Mann
19 Triplax russica (Linnaeus) (Erotylidae) in Norfolk  J. Denton
20 The Fern Weevil, Syagrius intrudens Waterhouse (Curculionidae) in Cornwall  D. Hackett
21 Sphinginus lobatus (Olivier) (Melyridae) new to Hertfordshire  T. James
21 Alphitobius diaperinus (Panzer) (Tenebrionidae) associated with old trees in open countryside  K. Alexander
22 Ischnomera cinerascens Pandellé (Oedemeridae) new to Gloucestershire and Warwickshire  K. Alexander & A. Foster
23 Aclypea opaca (Linnaeus) (Silphidae) unexpectedly rediscovered on Arran  A. Ramsay
23 Correction
24 Deadwood Coleoptera of some Shropshire parklands  K. Alexander
25 Cicones undatus Guérin-Méneville (Colydiidae) new to Essex  J. Bowdrey, N. Cuming & D. Hackett
26 Lixus scabricollis Boheman (Curculionidae) in East Sussex  P. Hodge
26 Gabrius piliger Mulsant & Rey (Staphylinidae) in Scotland  M. Sinclair
27 Troglops cephalotes (Olivier) (Melyridae) apparently established in Hertfordshire  T. James
27 Trichiusa immigrata Lohse (Staphylinidae) in Yorkshire  M. Denton
28 Field meeting report. Lincolnshire, 8th-10th June 1996  R. Key
30 Review. "Irish Coleoptera. A revised and annotated list" by R. Anderson, R. Nash & J.P. O'Connor  R. Booth
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33 The genus Psylliodes Latreille (Chrysomelidae: Alticinae) in the U.K.: with keys to the adults of all species and to the larvae of those species feeding on Brassicaceae  M. L. Cox
65 More records for Bruchidius varius (Olivier) (Chrysomelidae)  P. J. Hodge
66 Ground Beetle (Carabidae) Recording Scheme news  M. G. Telfer
67 A further record for Hadrognathus longipalpus (Mulsant & Rey) (Staphylinidae) from West Cumbria  R. W. J. Read
68 Melanophthalma suturalis Mannerheim (Lathridiidae) on ivy in Surrey  P. J. Hodge & J. A. Owen
69 A second locality for the Rose Chafer Cetonia aurata (Linnaeus) (Scarabaeidae) in North Wales  A. Ramsay
69 A further record of Anthrenus fuscus Olivier (Dermestidae) in Scotland  S. Blake & G. Hancock
70 Syagrius intrudens Waterhouse (Curculionidae) - a correction  R. T. Thompson
70 Stag Beetle Lucanus cervus (Linnaeus) (Lucanidae) flying by day  R. J. W. Welch
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73 The identification and habitat of micropterous Diglotta mersa (Haliday) and D. sinuaticollis (Mulsant & Rey) (Staphylinidae)  J. A. Good
76 Agrilus sinuatus (Olivier) (Buprestidae) in Nottinghamshire  A. Dutton
77 Schistoglossa aubei (Brisout, 1860) (Staphylinidae) in Roxburghshire (VC 80), with notes on the species in Britain  M. Sinclair & J. A. Owen
80 The status of Callidium violaceum (Linnaeus, 1758) (Cerambycidae) in Scotland  A. Ramsay
81 Rare and notable beetle species records from Scotland from survey work with pitfall traps, 1992-1996  M. D. Eyre, M. Luff & D. A. Lott
91 Polydrusus pilosus Gredler (Curculionidae) in Northern Ireland  R. Anderson
91 A recent Irish record of Gymnetron pascuorum (Gyllenhal) (Curculionidae)  R. Anderson
92 Grammoptera ustulata (Schaller) and other scarce saproxylic Coleoptera in Surrey  J. Denton
93 Aphthona euphorbiae (Schrank) (Chrysomelidae) feeding on pteridophyte spores  A. J. Parsons
94 Observations on the British population of Athous campyloides Newman, 1833 (Elateridae)  P. F. Whitehead
96 Atheta hybrida (Sharp) (Staphylinidae) in Cambridgeshire and Caernarvonshire  R. G. Booth
97 Gronops inaequalis Boheman (Curculionidae) found at Minsmere RSPB Reserve, Suffolk  J. E. Ashby
98 Gastrallus immarginatus Müller (Anobiidae), Prionus coriarius (Linnaeus) (Cerambycidae) and other notable beetles at Knole Park, West Kent  D. Hance
99 Conservation news  R.S. Key
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