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1 Henosepilachna argus (Geoffroy) (Coccinellidae, Epilachninae), a phytophagous ladybird new to the U.K., breeding at Molesey, Surrey  I. S. Menzies & B.M. Spooner
4 Cyminidis axillaris (Fabricius) (Carabidae) in Somerset  A. J. Prince
5 Status and identification of Bradycellus csikii Laczó (Carabidae) in Britain  H. Mendel & M. G. Telfer
9 The intertidal cossonid weevil Pselactus spadix (Herbst) (Curculionidae) in England and Wales  P. Oevering, B. J. Matthews & A. J. Pitman
14 The identification of Polydrusus splendidus (Herbst) (Curculionidae) - errors in current keys  M. G. Morris
15 A review of Longitarsus nigerrimus (Gyllenhal) (Chrysomelidae) records from the British Isles  R. G. Booth
19 Eridge Park, E. Sussex, a little-known site for saproxylic Coleoptera  B. Levey
24 Aegialia sabuleti (Panzer) (Scarabaeidae) in Surrey  J. Denton
25 Records of rare and notable beetle species from riverine sediments in Scotland and northern England  M. D. Eyre, M. L. Luff & D. A. Lott
39 Scutellar variability in the Quedius boops complex (Staphylinidae)  M. L. Luff & J. A. Owen
40 Aphanisticus pusillus (Olivier) (Buprestidae) new to Gloucestershire  K. N. A. Alexander
41 The Cornish records for Athous campyloides Newman (Elateridae)  K. N. A. Alexander
42 Some scarce beetles in Kent  K. Chuter
43 Philhygra fallaciosa (Sharp) (Staphylinidae) new to Ireland  R. Anderson
44 Cantharis fusca Linnaeus (Cantharidae) rediscovered in Yorkshire  K. N. A. Alexander
45 Chrysolina oricalcia (Müller, O.F., 1776) (Chrysomelidae) new to West Lothian  A. J. Ramsay
45 Response to 'The changing status of British Cantharidae'  J. Bratton
46 Reply to John Bratton's letter  K. Alexander
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49 Changes to the British List published in 1998 and 1999  D. J. Mann
53 Apion limonii Kirby (Apionidae) from near Fleetwood, Lancashire  N. J. Steeden
54 Trichiusa immigrata Lohse (Staphylinidae) in South Devon and South Hampshire, with further notes on its occurrence in East Northamptonshire  R. C. Welch & J. P. Sadler
55 The current status of Psylliodes luteola (Müller, O.F., 1776) (Chrysomelidae) in the U.K.  M. L. Cox
63 Saperda carcharias (Linnaeus) (Cerambycidae) in Sutherland  J. McKellar & P. F. Entwhistle
64 Four beetles new to Cambridgeshire (VC 29) [Masoreus wetterhalli, Saprinus virescens, Bruchela rufipes, Chrysolina marginataP. J. Hodge & D. Hance
64 Epiphanis cornutus Eschscholtz (Eucnemidae) in East Lothian (VC 82)  M. Sinclair
65 Progress report on the Bruchidae/Chrysomelidae Recording Scheme  M. L. Cox
74 A record of Polydrusus pilosus Gredler (Curculionidae) from Worcestershire  B. Sage
75 An investigation into the status history of the Stag Beetle Lucanus cervus Linnaeus (Lucanidae) in Sussex  C. R. Pratt
91 Raymondionymus marqueti (Aubé) (Raymondionymidae) under cut logs in West London  R. A. Jones
92 Unusual host-plants for Prasocuris phellandrii (Linnaeus, 1758) (Chrysomelidae)  D. J. Mann
93 Agrilus viridis (Linnaeus) (Buprestidae) in South Wiltshire  D. R. Nash
94 The Asian Longhorn Beetle Anoplophora glabripennis Motschulsky (Cerambycide) - could it become established in Britain?  S. Wright
95 Brachysomus hirtus (Boheman) (Curculionidae) in Somerset  A. J. Parsons
96 Rare and uncommon Coleoptera in England, 1999  J. Denton
99 Nicobium castaneum (Olivier) (Anobiidae), as a medieval import?  E. G. Hancock
100 Rhizophagus parvulus (Paykull) (Rhizophagidae) from Holme Fen national Nature Reserve, Cambridgeshire  R. C. Welch
101 Thryogenes fiorii Zumpt (Erirhinidae) at Woodwalton Fen, Cambridgeshire  M. G. Morris
102 Noteworthy beetles found in Warwickshire (VC 38) in 1999  S. A. Lane & T. G. Forsythe
104 Cicones undatus Guérin-Méneville (Colydiidae) new to Suffolk  D. R. Nash
105 Stenus fossulatus Erichson (Staphylinidae) in Cumbria  S. M. Hewitt
106 Some beetle records from Surrey  R. K. A. Morris
108 Ischnomera cinerascens (Pandellé) and I. caerulea (Linnaeus) (Oedemeridae) in Suffolk  D. R. Nash
109 Platypus cylindrus (Fabricius) (Platypodidae) new to Suffolk  D. R. Nash
109 A further record of Saprosites mendax Blackburn (Scarabaeidae) in London  R. A. Jones
109 Review. "Provisional atlas of the longhorn beetles (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae) of Britain" by P.F.G. Twinn & P.T. Harding  K. N. A. Alexander
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113 Notes on the natural history, distribution and identification of seed beetles (Bruchidae) of Britain and Ireland  M. L. Cox
147 Choragus sheppardi Kirby (Anthribidae) in West Cumbria  R. W. J. Read
148 Are Glow-worms Lampyris noctiluca (Linnaeus) (Lampyridae) distasteful?  J. Tyler
149 New and noteworthy Coleoptera from Wales  P. M. Pavett & B. Levey
155 Dromius vectensis Rye (Carabidae) rediscovered in Cornwall  A. G. Duff & R. G. Booth
156 Wood-boring Coleoptera in driftwood  P. Oevering & A. J. Pitman
157 Bolitochara reyi Sharp (Staphylinidae) - not a British species P. M. Hammond
159 Review. "The Ground Beetles of Northern Ireland (Coleoptera-Carabidae)" by R. Anderson, D. McFerran & A. Cameron  M. Luff
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