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Amara famelica [RDB3] (Carabidae) may be found sparingly under stones on sandy heathland at Sutton Park, and possibly other heaths in the area, in the early spring.

Cercyon granarius [RDB3] (Hydrophilidae) has been taken in flood litter by the River Arrow near Studley, but the specimens probably originated from backwaters further upriver.

A specimen of the chrysomelid-mimicking histerid Saprinus virescens [RDBK] (Histeridae) was recently found in flood litter at Welford Pastures (SP 1151) near the River Avon. The species is now very rare nationally, but presumably still occurs sparingly in damp meadows in the region.

County recorder: S. Lane, Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Jordan Well, Coventry CV1 5QP

Further reading
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