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North Wiltshire (VC 7)

South Wiltshire (VC 8)

The only locality in the British Isles for the histerid Epierus comptus (Histeridae) [RDBK] is Grovely Wood, near Salisbury, where it was first found in 1980. The species may be found, usually sparingly, under beech Fagus bark in August.

South Wiltshire is also a national stronghold for the flea beetle Psylliodes luteola [RDBK] (Chrysomelidae), which is found in cereal-growing areas in the summer and autumn.

The enigmatic weevil Rhynchaenus pseudostigma [RDBK] (Curculionidae) was recorded from ??? in ???, but is otherwise known only from the north of England. The biology of this species is obscure, but it probably mines the leaves of deciduous trees such as birch Betula and willow Salix.

County recorder: Dr M. D. Darby, The Old Malthouse, Sutton Mandeville, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP3 5ND

Further reading
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