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1 Editorial
2 A belated note on Chloecharis debilicornis (Wollaston) (Staphylinidae) new to Britain  A. B. Drane
4 Longitarsus longiseta Weise rediscovered and Longitarsus obliteratoides Gruev (Chrysomelidae) new to Britain  R. G. Booth
5 Recent publications of interest to coleopterists
6 Oulema 'melanopus' (Chrysomelidae) in Britain  R. G. Booth
6 The British List: summary of additions and deletions published in 1993  D. Lott
9 Two name changes to the British List of Meligethes Stephens, 1830 (Nitidulidae)  A. H. Kirk-Spriggs
10 Does Carcinops pumilio (Erichson) (Histeridae) exhibit anthropotropic behaviour?  R. C. Welch
11 Carcinops pumilio (Erichson) at large  J. Owen
13 Cardiophorus gramineus (Scopoli) (Elateridae) etc., near Monmouth c.1860: a new county record and the last known for Britain  A. A. Allen
15 A provisional key to weevils of the genus Hypera (Germar) (Curculionidae) recorded from Britain  A. P. Fowles
21 Bembidion octomaculatum (Goeze) (Carabidae) in Norfolk: a second 20th century British locality  M. G. Telfer & B. C. Eversham
22 Dyschirius angustatus (Ahrens) (Carabidae) in Scotland and northern England  R. M. Lyszkowski, J. A. Owen & M. Sinclair
22 Agrilus sinuatus Olivier (Buprestidae) - summary of Kentish records  N. F. Heal
23 An unusual specimen of Sciaphilus asperatus (Bonsdorff) (Curculionidae)  R. W. J. Read
25 Rhynchaenus populicola (Silfverberg) (Curculionidae); further occurrences in Kent  N. F. Heal
25 A new ecological niche for Gibbium aequinoctiale Boieldieu (Ptinidae) in Britain, and a reconsideration of literature references to Gibbium spp. B. Constantine
28 Kent Coleopterist's Group - 11th July 1993  N. F. Heal
28 List of county recorders  P. Hodge
29 Subscriber's notices
30 Journal contents  M.J. Collier
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33 Agrilus sulcicollis Lacordair (Buprestidae): a jewel beetle new to Britain  T. J. James
35 Amara fusca Dejean established in Britain  M. G. Telfer & B. C. Eversham
37 Bembidion octomaculatum (Goeze) (Carabidae) - an overlooked record?  J. A. Owen
37 Athous subfuscus (Müller, O.F.) (Elateridae), a first record for Derbyshire  G. J. Maynard
38 Rhynchaenus calceatus (Germar) (Curculionidae) - new to Ireland  H. Mendel
40 The status of Polydrusus marginatus Stephens (Curculionidae) in Britain  P. M. Hammond
43 Xylostiba monilicornis (Gyllenhal) (Staphylinidae): first record in Kent  N. F. Heal
43 Further southern records of Ernobius nigrinus (Sturm) (Anobiidae)  J. A. Owen
44 Strangalia aurulenta (F.) (Cerambycidae) in the New Forest  K. Halstead
45 Phoracantha recurva Newman (Cerambycidae) as a live import to the British Isles  E. G. Hancock
48 Coelambus nigrolineatus (von Steven) (Dytiscidae), a second Kent record  N. F. Heal
49 A record of Panspoeus guttatus Sharp (Elateridae) from North Hampshire  P. J. Hodge
49 Pterostichus cupreus (L.) var. affinis (Sturm) (Carabidae)  T.  G. Forsythe
50 Rhynchites pauxillus Germar (Attelabidae) in West Cumbria  R. W. J. Read
51 British cecidogenic Coleoptera  J. P. Bowdrey
55 The Cantharoidea and Buprestoidea Recording Scheme - an update and a call for records for the provisional atlas  K. N. A. Alexander
57 Review. "Beetles of Somerset - their status and distribution" by A. Duff  H. Mendel
58 Review. "Quantitative sampling of Coleoptera in north-east woodlands using flight interception traps" by L. Jessop & P.M. Hammond  M. J. Collier
58 Subscriber's notices
59 Journal contents  M. J. Collier
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65 Editorial
66 Cassida nebulosa L. (Chrysomelidae) in Somerset  I. S. Menzies
66 Cassida nebulosa L. (Chrysomelidae) in South Somerset  A. Duff
67 Cassida nebulosa L. (Chrysomelidae) in Hampshire  A. Allen
67 Cassida nebulosa L. (Chrysomelidae) from two sites in East Anglia  M. Collier
68 Cassida nebulosa L. (Chrysomelidae) reared from larvae  J. Owen
70 The distribution and ecology of Cassida nebulosa L. (Chrysomelidae) in Norfolk and Suffolk Breckland in 1994  B. C. Eversham
77 Three species of Coleoptera new to Ireland [Ptenidium intermedium, Dacrila fallax, Bibloplectus spinosusJ. A. Owen
77 Habitat records of Amischa C.G. Thomson (Staphylinidae: Aleocharinae) from Ireland  J. A. Good
80 Geodromicus nigrita (Müller, P.W.J.) (Staphylinidae): a second Irish record T. D. Harrison
80 A new locality for Hydnobius spinipes (Gyllenhal) (Leiodidae) in Derbyshire  K. N. A. Alexander
81 Subscriber's notice
82 Copris lunaris (L.) (Scarabaeidae) in Sussex  P. J. Hodge
83 Epuraea distincta Grimmer (Nitidulidae), a second Kent occurrence  N. F. Heal
84 Rose Chafer, Cetonia aurata (L.) (Scarabaeidae) in north Wales  M. J. Morgan
85 Stenagostus rhombeus (Olivier) (Elateridae) in north west England  K. N. A. Alexander
86 Records of Curculionoidea from Cumbria and Dumfriesshire in 1994  R. W. J. Read
87 Gibbium aequinoctiale Boieldieu (Ptinidae) in coal mines: further information  B. Constantine
91 Review. "Glow-worms" by J. Tyler  K. Alexander
92 Journal contents  M. J. Collier
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