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Instructions for Authors
How to format a short note or paper for The Coleopterist.

The Coleopterist is published three times each year, normally in March/April, July/August and November/December. Each issue contains a mix of papers, short notes, reviews, subscriber notices and literature notices, in an A5 format. All this for an amazingly low subscription price.

Back issues
Go here to find an index of all back issues of The Coleopterist sorted by https://aucasinosonline.com/nz/ volume and alphabetically by subject. Information is also given here on how to order back issues.

Biographical Dictionary of British Coleopterists
An on-line version of Michael Darby's A Biographical Dictionary of British Coleopterists, previously distributed as a supplement to Coleopterist's Newsletter (forerunner to The Coleopterist), is now being prepared. Packed with detailed information about coleopterists, past and present, and an essential reference if you use museum collections.

Photo Gallery
Superb photographs of a representative selection of British beetles!

Often the only way to be sure of an identification is to compare your beetle with a reliably named specimen. Click on the link to find a museum with a beetle collection near you.

Finding and recording beetles

Where to find beetles
A completely new county-by-county guide to finding the rarer Coleoptera in the British Isles (Casino Luck).

National recording schemes
How you can help to build up a picture of national distributions.

Biological records centres
BRCs maintain databases of biological records for a county or region. Click on the link to find the address of your nearest records centre.

County and regional recorders
Check if there's a local beetle recorder in your area.

Beetles of the British Isles
The beetles-britishisles newsgroup is an e-mail discussion forum for anyone interested in the beetle fauna of the British Isles. Click on the link for details.

Checklist of Beetles of the British Isles NEW EDITION NOW AVAILABLE
Second revised edition (2012) is now available, either as a PDF download or printed booklet. Click here for full details.